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The Bocat Wig
The Bocat Wig
The Bocat Wig
Item#: the-bocat-wig

Product Description

XXS- FITS TINY DOGS AND SMALL CATS (3 cm between ears- ex. 5 lb Yorkie)

XS- FITS MOST LITTLE DOG BREEDS (ex. Jack Russell terrier) AND MEDUIM TO LARGE CATS (5 cm between ears)

S- FITS SMALL DOGS 15-35 LBS (7 cm distance between ears)

M- FOR MEDIUM SIZED DOGS 30-50 LBS (9 cm distance between ears)

L- FITS LARGE DOGS 50 LBS + (11 cm between ears- ex. Standard Poodle and larger dogs)

DIRECTIONS Fit over dogs head with strap in place, fit ears through ear holes and adjust elastic strap length. Washing Instructions Washing the wig

After thorough brushing, the wig should be bathed 5-10 minutes in a basin of lukewarm water, to which a little wig shampoo has been added. Rinse the wig well, 2-3 times and shake excess water. B. Drying the wig

Dry the wig with a towel. DO NOT WRING!!! Put the wig on a dummy head and let it dry naturally until it is completely dry. Brush thw wig thoroughly again so that the original shape and the sil gloss return. Do not brush or comb wigs of synthetic fiber when they are still wet!